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Our Mission

Paradox Computer’s mission is to introduce the most beautiful & affordable braille tech devices to the blind community and beyond. There were always a conception that all the braille devices look ugly. And it was true until we proceeded with it. Our mission is to make a braille device that is so pretty enough that even the regular person want to wear it.

Sukone Hong (Founder & Designer)

Sukone is a young entrepreneur from South Korea, have founded several startup companies like Olaga Studio and Paradox Computer. Sukone’s passion towards making braille tech devices with an affordable price and the best design will never change.

Nikhil Kapoor (Industrial Designer)

Nikhil is an industrial Designer based out of India, he graduated with a master’s degree from Institut Supérieur De Design Rubika. Nikhil is also a IDSA and Red Dot award weaning designer. Nikhil played a big role designing 3D modules for Paradox Computer’s braille smartwatch Model One and Model Two.

Paradox Computer Inc. was first established in the fall of 2020, founded by Sukone Hong, a Korean highschool student at that time. Hong realized the unfairness of visually immpared people’s daily technology. Hong founds out that majority of braille devices cost more than $500 while the majority of visually impaired people faces financial difficulties. Hong also realized the lack of design in braille devices, and decided to make a braille smartwatch that is aesthetically pleasing enough for the average person to want to wear too.