Paradox R&D

Paradox Computer Inc. has worked for years in R&D developments. Our first patent was published as a Vibrating Braille mechanism, a fully developed braille mechanism that transforms vibration haptic into a braille language. Users can notify time & date just by putting two fingers on the top of the watch for 4 seconds.

Midnight (12:00) can be written as one-two-zero-zero whereas Two a-clock can be written as zero-two-zero-zero. January 20th can be written as zero-one-two-zero. Because time & date are made of 4 numerical digits, braille cells will vibrate 4 times, representing different numerical digits. 

Model One R&D

Model One was first introduced to the world in the february of 2021. Model One gave the impression of beauty and simplicity to the world, but mostly, the price of the watch grabbed the most attention, a $80 braille smartwatch. With the fact that most braille devices in the market cost more than $500, team had to find a way to reduce the price for customers. Paradox Computer R&D team had to spend nearly six months only designing the circuit of the watch with the right material to insure the right haptic to users.

Model Two R&D

Model Two was introduced to the world in the July of 2022. Model Two implements the same braille mechanism as Model One, the Vibrating Braille mechanism. However, in Model Two, a better materials were used to better deliver the haptic of braille cells.

Prior the the conventional model, Model Two uses plastic material for the four braille cells to make the vibration much more impactful. To prevent the whole body of the watch from vibrating, we added a rubber material between the gap  of braille cells.