Most braille devices for visually impared people are extremely expensive. The cheapest one still cost $300.
Only 17.5% visually impared people were employed compared to the 75% general employment rate worldwide.
Visually impared people’s wages are 35% lower than general people. Approximately one-third of blind population live in extreme poverty.
Because of the high unemployment rate and low wages, most visually impared people face financial difficulties.
However, the price of Square Watch will be available from $80, which makes it the cheapest braille device in the world.

Paradox Computer Inc. has worked for years for R&D developments.
Our first patent was made for Vibrating Braille Technology, which transform 
vibration haptic into braille language. Users can notify time & date just by
putting two fingers on the top of the watch for 4 seconds.

Midnight can be written as one-two-zero-zero whereas Two a-clock can be written as
zero-two-zero-zero. Because time & date are made of 4 numerical digits,
braille cells will vibrate 4 times.

I had a dream of making a braille device that has affordable price
for any visually impared people in the world. By working with
more than 80 visually impared people for a year, I learned that
technology can sometimes be fearful for visually impared people.
I want to change their prejudice. 

Sukone Hong, CEO of Paradox Computer Inc.